School Tutoring Program






Defence Community Organisation, or DCO, offers a broad range of programs to help Defence families make the most of the challenges and opportunities provided by the military way of life.


Defence Education Assistance


Defence recognises that the mobile lifestyle can create particular challenges for school-aged children. A range of financial support is available to help minimise disruption to schooling caused by posting. The aim is to provide the student with educational stability or limited interim assistance to help avoid or overcome any immediate difficulties with education or emotional wellbeing as a result of relocating. More information is available at


School Tutoring Program

DCO can assist with the cost of additional educational services such as tuition support for children. The aim of this assistance is to overcome any immediate difficulties and disruption that have impacted on the child’s learning due to a member’s posting.


The basic elements are:

• Tuition must be provided by a qualified person or an accredited organisation.

• Tuition must be provided within 18 months of the child enrolling at the new school.

• The principal or class teacher certifies that the tuition is required.

• Tuition can be provided for one hour per week, per subject.

• For previously studied compulsory subjects, this tuition can last for 14 weeks.

• For compulsory subjects not previously studied, this tuition can be for up to six months.


Puckapunyal Primary School works with families to access this service.  We employ tutors that work 1 on 1 with students during school hours.  They work with students in curriculum areas that their classroom teacher has identified as priority areas beginning in term 2 each year.

Steps to access this tutoring:

          1. Talk with your child’s teacher
          2. The serving member needs to download and complete the DCO application form and then get signed approval from their Comanding Officer.  A copy of this form is kept for the school records.
          3. Once approved, tutoring will begin
          4. Pay tutoring fees to Puckapunyal Primary School as invoiced
          5. Claim reimbursement of tutoring fees from DCO

For more information about this program talk to the school, or contact the all-hours Defence Family Helpline on 1800 624 608, or consult your local REDLO. Local DCO contact details are (03) 5735 7731 or email


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